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Dhaka to Aizawl travel plan

Dhaka to Aizawl


Dhaka to Aizawl travel plan

Dhaka to Aizawl travel plan and Cost will be shown in this video. We will also show, ‘Dhaka to Aizawl‘ easiest way of transportation. You will get to know, how Bangladeshi people can take permission to travel Mizoram state, how much is cost and how to go. As all of you know, Mizoram is one of the states of Seven sisters of North East India. Previously, Bangladeshi tourists were not allowed to travel Mizoram. But, very recently Mizoram government started to allow Bangladeshi tourists for traveling in Mizoram.

Mizoram. A beautiful hilly state of North East India. The word Mizoram is derived from three words. Mi means nation, Jo means mountains and Ram means land. That is, the full meaning of the word Mizoram stands for “Land of the Hill Nation”.

Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, is built on the high and low slopes of hundreds of hills covered with green vegetation. Being part of India’s Seven Sisters, travel to Mizoram for Bangladeshis has long been off limits. However, now any Bangladeshi can travel to Mizoram. But, how? We did this tour to discover that without any sightseeing planning.

In today’s video we wanted to show you the rules and regulations to easily travel from Dhaka to Aizawl. But, due to a damaged memory card, all the footage captured by the camera during the first part of the tour was lost. And so, we will start the story a little in reverse. That is, we will show you the story of coming back to Dhaka from Aizawl city. And while leaving Dhaka, I will clearly inform the additional formalities required. So, after watching the entire video, you will not be unaware of any information related to Mizoram travel. I promise

After staying in Aizawl for 2 nights it was time to head back. The area we were in was called Zharkot. Although the pronunciation of the name varies from language to language.

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