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Kalimpong closed for tourists

Kalimpong tourist destination


Kalimpong closed for tourists

Gorkhaland territorial administration (GTA) closed down Indian popula hill station district Kalimpong for tourists.

Popular Indian tourist spot Kalimpong has been closed for tourists by Gorkhaland territorial administration (GTA). The GTA authorities met with representatives of various tourism, transport, hotel and business organizations in the district. To protect corona virus threat , GTA chairman Anita Thapa announced that tourists’ entry into the GTA area of ​​Darjeeling was banned from 19 March 2020. In the evening, Deepap Priya P, District Magistrate of Darjeeling issued the same directive. A similar order has been issued in Kalimpong. The ban will continue until April 15, the report said.

As a result of this announcement, tourists will no longer be able to enter the hill districts of Kalimpong until April 15 from any part of the country. At the same time, the district administrators have ordered the gathering of any hotel, building, club or organization or not to conduct any social events.

As Kalimpong is closed for tourists, now all tourists has to leave immediately.

At the meeting that day, all the tourism companies, homestay owners and hotel owners have called for new bookings to be stopped. However, it is not advisable for tourists to cancel their bookings and take a separate fee or charge. He said, “The safety of the hill people, health is the most important to us. That is why tourists from outside have been told not to come to the hills. We have decided on the opinion of everyone. The district administration also agreed with us. “

Antit said on the day, “We are telling parents to keep older people and children at home. It’s best not to go outside the GTA area without special needs. It is best not to give up suggestions, meetings, processions and meetings to political parties. If the restaurant is to be operated, it will have to be run according to the final health rules. “

According to GTA sources, bookings have been stopped at all hotels, lodges and home stays in the mountains since that day. Since Sikkim closed for outsiders, people have been coming down the hill. In the new directory it was completely closed. Not only tourists, but also from outside the state or district, the temporary shop in the hill habazaar business has stopped. Meanwhile, the Darjeeling Zoo, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute has been closed. Traders said the staff of the hotel, lodge, outside the district started preparations to return home from this evening. Likewise, the transportation business will continue to decline. Up to 5 percent of hotels, car bookings have been canceled till next April. Many have come down from the hills this evening. Over the next few days during the heavy tourist season, traders from different fields of the hills are facing heavy losses.

Although control has been issued in the hills of the two districts, no guidance has been issued for the plane. Many of the tourist traders say that in the Siliguri subdivision, cars from different districts and states are moving freely. All the cars are coming down from Sikkim. But he is having trouble getting cars in the state. Foreigners are coming from different areas and going out as buggers. There is a possibility of infection. The administration should quickly control the movement of people outside the plane.

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